Sports Chiropractor in Overland Park

Looking for an experienced, involved, and outcome driven Sports Chiropractor in Overland Park?  Look no further than Finan Chiropractic!

At Finan Chiropractic the most important part of working with any patient but especially athletes is treating that individual as a whole by finding the cause of the problem not just treating the symptoms.  At Finan Chiropractic we are devoted to helping you get back in the game no matter the sport, competition or level of competition.  Our doctors have backgrounds in exercise and sports science, athletic training, exercise prescription, functional movement diagnosis skills and sports nutrition. Chiro Athletes These strong backgrounds, in combination with the strong desire to constantly push ourselves to keep up with modern research and treatment has contributed to us being your top choice for a sports chiropractor in Overland Park.

At Finan Chiropractic, we help both teams and individuals alike. Whether you’re playing competitive or just playing for fun let the team at Finan Chiropractic help get you back in action. Our doctors at Finan Chiropractic combined have thousands of hours in extensive training and hands on experience working with athletes, which makes us invaluable when choosing a sports chiropractor in Overland Park for your athletes and teams.

Our experience and expertise has allowed us to serve patients, across the metro area, especially in Overland Park. Seuss army knifeAt Finan Chiropractic, we offer a wide array of chiropractic services including: Active Release TechniqueGraston Technique/FAKTRDry Needling, and DNS.  This allows us the ability to treat and help prevent virtually every sports injury that an athlete could suffer.

There are countless benefits to choosing us to be your sports chiropractor in Overland Park, but the biggest is the peace of mind that the safety and well-being of your athletes is never in question.  We are focused and dedicated at being the best sports chiropractors in Overland Park and KC Metro area.


We are happy to answer any questions about the benefits of having us be a part of your team.

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