Effective Dry Needling in Overland Park

Looking for effectie Dry Needling in Overland Park?  Look no further than Finan Chiropractic

A lady with white gloves dry needling in Overland Park.Located in Overland Park, Finan Chiropractic offers dry needling an intricate part of our practice.  Dry needling helps you get the effective results you want and need when it comes to soft tissue injury.  Soft tissue injuries can be caused by chronic overuse, acute injury or inflammation.  At Finan Chiropractic, dry needling is performed on patients who have either a reduced contraction to their muscles which would allow us to activate the muscle as well as individuals who are experiencing a larger than normal tightness present in the muscle.  When dry needling, you will experience a slight twitch response, which is an effective way of allowing the muscle to “reset” itself, decreasing the restrictions in the muscle and allowing them to effectively move again.  Dry needling involves inserting a thin needle needle into the tissue, without any injectable solutions, to allow the muscle to reduce its adhesion, decrease inflammation and improve proper blood flow which in turn allows for healing to occur and health to be regained.

At Finan Chiropractic, we would love to educate you on Dry Needling and how effective it is in treating your ailments, whether your the weekend warrior at one of the Overland Park softball complex, a premier athlete who is looking to take your skill to the next level or even an individual who utilizes a computer all day long, dry needling can be effective in treating your conditions.  Located in Overland Park, Finan Chiropractic is an easy commute for drivers all over the Kansas City area. So, call us today and let one of our four doctors talk to you about effective treatment options and how Dry Needling can be incorporated into getting your life back.  Dry Needling, an effective alternative to your health care needs.