Nate Backer D.C.

Dr. Nate Backer is originally from Grand Island, Nebraska. Back in the 9th grade, Nate decided that he wanted to become a chiropractor. Remembering his first experience with chiropractic, he was a toddler; chiropractic alleviated his chronic ear infections. From then on, Nate relied on chiropractic to enhance his sports performance, as well as for treating occasional neck pain and headaches. In 2011, Nate graduated from Briar Cliff University in Sioux City, Iowa with a degree in biology. After Nate obtained his undergraduate degree, he then attended Cleveland Chiropractic College and graduated
magna cum laude in April of 2015.


While enrolled at Cleveland Chiropractic Nate attended several outside seminars. These ranged from numerous adjusting seminars (MPI) to multiple modern technique seminars, including: instrument assisted soft tissue (FAKTR), musculoskeletal injury taping (FTMI), sports screening for injury prevention (FMS), neuromuscular re-education (Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization), instrument assisted adjustments (activator), McKenzie Disc Protocol, and dry needling. A highlight of Nate’s elective coursework was the flexion distraction. Using the techniques from coursework and related seminars, Nate employs a wide variety of techniques to help patients feel their best and achieve their performance goals.


Nate has a reliable approach to chiropractic. First diagnose the cause of your pain, and then treat it with hands-on, evidence-based care. Nate works with his patients to create an individualized care plan to address their specific needs. The first step of the process will be to eliminate the cause of pain. The second, and most important, part will be to improve overall joint function in order to prevent reoccurring problems from interrupting day-to-day activities.


In Nate’s free time, he enjoys spending time with friends and family. Mountain biking, fishing, and playing soccer are some of Nate’s favorite hobbies outside of caring for his patients.


I look forward to using my knowledge and abilities to ensure the well-being of all my patients.